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SchoolMailer costs less than £1 a day

Free design

For less than £1 a day, you have full access to SchoolMailer to create, send and monitor your school communications.
This is based on an annual subscription and support charge of £360 which includes your free professionally designed template. We're a UK based company and as part of this cost, we will give you our full support even helping you to send your first few newsletters if necessary to make sure you are 100% happy. The system is simplicity itself and you'll be setting up your first html newsletters in minutes.

Nominal sending fees of just 2p per recipient and £9 per send

There is a nominal charge of 2p per recipient plus a send fee of £9 each time you send your newsletter, which as a guide, if you sent to say 500 parents it would work out at just £19. You pay this online based on the exact number of recipients each time you send.

Why pay to send emails?

We make it really easy for you to send professional looking branded emails. We're parents ourselves and we get sent some real 'horrors' from our children's schools in the form of emails. With SchoolMailer, you don't need to send cumbersome Word documents, JPG's and PDF's as attachments, which apart from being difficult to plough through, just isn't good email etiquette these days.

Leave it to our designers to create a professionally layed out template for you, so that all your email communication looks great.

Why clog up your internet connection once a week?

It's more and more important these days that schools are seen to be promoting a good brand to those involved with the school. A well designed school newsletter will make your school look like it cares about it's presentation to the outside world. It may also relieve the load on your internet connection as sending bulk emails can use some serious bandwidth issues.

Free branded design template to match your website

We will design a bespoke template with logos, images and colours that match your schools website completely free of charge. School Mailer is run by HTDL a well established design agency with professional designers, so you'll get an excellent design service on top of the benefits of the School Mailer system itself.

30 day money back guarantee

We are extremely confident that you'll love using School Mailer with you own branded template, but if for any reason you don't get on with the system, we will give you a full refund of your subscription within 30 days of your order. The only cost you'll incur is for any emails you've actually sent based on the nominal fees listed above.

Want to know more?

If you're interested, we can give you access to our test area where you can see how simple it is to make changes to a pre-designed template. Just give us a call on 01564 797420 or drop us an email