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Easy to use

One of the main reasons schools choose School Mailer is that it's just so simple to use.

If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use School Mailer, if anything, you'll find School Mailer easier to use as the template follows pre-designed themes that you simply type into.

Adding links and images is a doddle too and once you're done you can save your draft, send a sample and re-edit at any time.

We've done all the hard work already!

We will have designed your template already, so you just need to create your newsletter, fill out the subject heading and start writing your content and adding images.

Manage your email lists online

No duplicates, no missed addresses and you can add and delete email recipients with a click.

School Mailer is for busy administrators who need to get communications out quickly

You can use School Mailer for regular weekly newsletters or any other email communication such as school closures, school trip reports, sports reports or fund raising.

Reporting makes it easy to see who is opening your emails

School Mailer features some great reporting tools and you'll be able to see who has opened your email and if they've clicked on any links to your website if you added them when you were writing your content.